Eddie Arrazola has been training the art of boxing for 11 years.  He started his own martial arts training at 4.  Unlike most competitors,  Eddie became fascinated with the art of coaching.  While others watched a fighter train, he would study the coach.  Eddie became especially interested in how they prepared their fighter both mentally and physically and created his own method of training.  Eddie believes that everyone should create an alter ego that shows up when it is time to fight.  His greatest passion is helping people to reach their full potential whether they are training for competition or physical fitness. 


He trains people from all walks of life including,  actors, directors, CEOs, soccer moms and more.  His greatest passion is helping people reach their full potential and he facilitates them to level up in their lives through the art of  boxing. 


Eddie created the acclaimed youth program, 'The Wolf Pack."  The program teaches an anti-bullying philosophy and self-confidence.  Through physical movement and boxing instruction kids learn to stand up for themselves, find their voices and pursue their greatest selves. The incredible transformations that the kids often make are life-changing!

Specialties include: boxing, muay thai, strength & conditioning and fitness goals


Josh founded The Martinez Method after several years spent as a personal trainer, mainly focused on boxing technique and total body conditioning. During this time, he saw a need for a unique type of fitness program that utilized the fundamentals of a fighting discipline while adding movements that target lean muscle growth.


Josh is passionate about helping clients achieve their goals while providing tools that they can use throughout their fitness journey. Many of his clients have been with him since the start of his career, resulting in a large community of devotees.

Josh brings boundless energy, enthusiasm and creativity into every session.

Specialties include: boxing, strength & conditioning and fitness goals


Kyle "The Hoosier" Estrada is an active professional mixed martial artist. Hailing to Los Angeles from Indianapolis, Estrada began his MMA career as a wrestler in 2004, then expanding his expertise across jiu jitsu, kickboxing, muay thai and boxing since 2010. 


Estrada earned his purple belt in Jiu Jitsu under Romulo Barrai. His professional fighting career launched in 2015 and secured his position in the Top 20 Bantamweight fighters and the Top 5 Flyweight fighters in the state of California. 


He is a skilled coach and trainer, specializing in strength and conditioning, muay thai and wrestling. 

Specialties include: kickboxing, muay thai and strength and conditioning


Jose Granillo started his journey of mixed martial arts while serving in the US Army as an infantry man in 2009. He has spent the last two years coaching both children and adults in boxing, kickboxing, MMA, and Muay Thai. Jose graduated from a 500-hour program at the National Personal Training Institute, and is working towards his certification.

Specialties include: boxing and mixed martial arts